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With the slow economy, and people afraid to spend money, how can Interior Designers and Architects build new business and thrive?  One simple word, one big concept: "Green."  In today's economy "green" can bring in the green, if you know how to market it right.  A Green Design Summit, June 29-30, gives the tools on how to do just that. 

The "Summit Bonus Package" lets attendees take the information they receive, and translate it into a marketing plan.  To make it even easier for the participants, the marketing plan is done for them, and can be adapted for green, or non-green business. 

With a line-up of green superstars that features actor Ed Begley, Jr, and many others, attendees will go from "green" newbie's into "green" aficionados in two packed days.  And they'll do it from the convenience of their own office or home.  The Green Design Summit is a web-based summit; learning about green design and how to market green design is as easy, and cost effective, as sitting back and listening to a webcast. 

Popular myths abound when it comes to green design:

·         MYTH 1:  Green Products are always more expensive.

·         MYTH 2:  Green is just a passing phase.

·         MYTH 3:  Green won't ever make me money.

Speakers and guest interviews will debunk these myths and show you how to use them in a marketing plan.

The Green Design Summit starts at 11am Eastern on June 29th and 30th.  Tickets are $297, and included in the price is a "Marketing Done for You" package worth over $750. 

• Ed Begley, Jr. – "Living Green With Ed" – actor, environmental activist and Planet Green co-star of Living With Ed
• Penny Bonda, FASID & LEED AP – "The New LEED Requirements – What You Need to Know" – Green Blogger for Interior Design Magazine
• Leslie Carothers – "Specifying Green Furniture" – The Kaleidoscope Partnership consulting to the furniture industry, interior designer and blogger for Furniture Today
• Bob Dixson – "The Story of Greensburg and How Building Green Has Transformed the City"  Mayor of Greensburg, the city that was 95% destroyed by a tornado
• Joshua Foss, LEED AP – "How to Build Your Practice Around Sustainable Design" – Season 2 HGTV Design Star Contestant & Metro Hippie Blogger
• Lisa Foster – "What Is Your Carbon Footprint and What You Can Do to Reduce It" – Founder of 1 Bag at a Time
• Tom Hamilton – "Designing Energy Efficient Lighting & Maintaining Aesthetics" – Senior Product Marketing Manager for Philips Color Kinetics
• Libby Langdon – "Design Ideas for Smaller Space Clients" – HGTV Star of Small Space, Big Style and author of Design in Small Spaces
• Michael Port – "The Think Big Manifesto – Think you can't change your life (and the world)? Think again." – New York Times Best-selling Author and Top Business Coach
• Sarah Susanka, FAIA – "Not So Big Remodeling" – Author of 8 books selling over 1 million copies, Architect and Interior Designer
• Cassie Walker – "How to Green Your Office and Help Your Clients Green Their Spaces" – Author of The Green Office Handbook and Founder of The Sustainable Office
• Robin Wilson – "Eco-friendly Design from The Foundation to the Furniture" – New York Interior Designer for President Clinton's Harlem office and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Mary Richardson LEED residence

Learning about green design and how to market green design services is as easy as listening to a webcast from the convenience of their own office or home. June 29 & 30 starting at 11 am Eastern each day. Tickets are $297 for entire firm and include "Marketing Done For You" package worth $750.

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